At Castleton, we pride ourselves on delivering the most comprehensive set of technology solutions and services, exclusive to the needs of the social housing market.

Castleton Technology pave the way for bringing a vast array of solutions and services together, in an integrated way to support every aspect of your business operations. We continually evolve our solutions based on user-driven functionality, gathering an intimate understanding of your environment and delivering suitable business applications that work together to deliver. Our product development methodology is one of “open architecture” which we believe enhances the integration, scalability and flexibility across our solutions.

Your customers continually driving change, wanting everything from instant, multi-channel access to more self-service digital experiences. With a suite of cloud-ready and data-secure applications, Castleton can support your digital engagement strategies with ease, and wider areas of your organisation, including finance management, housing management, repairs and maintenance solutions, document management CRM solutions. Our offering is fully integrated to ensure you are getting the most out of your business applications, so you always get the complete picture.

Digital Engagement

Empower your organisation to digitally engage with your customers – delivering enhanced customer service experiences through our suite of digital engagement solutions.

Web Services Builder

With your own Web Services Builder you have the control to push data out to various applications without having to rely on a supplier.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Effective mobile workforce management is an essential tool for Social Housing Providers, particularly if your staff are increasingly working remotely. Castleton's work mobile solution delivers better customer service and builds efficiency in processes, reducing workload duplication by instantly updating your back-office systems. Castleton's Agile solution can assist your field-based workforce access information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Self-Service Web Apps & Portals

Promote a digital-first customer service experience within your Housing Association, whilst reducing your costs with Castleton.Digital. Delivering tenant Self-Service Web Apps & Portals with ease and speed using progressive web app technology.


Imagine integrating Amazon Alexa services into your current applications. Through voice command, your customers can gain information and leave instructions – all fully captured with a set of triggered actions put in place.

SMS Messaging

Improve your customer services and save your organisation money on its communications budget by providing 2-way SMS messaging between you and your customer which extends to tenant portals, smartphone apps, email and social media. Accelerate your journey to becoming digital by default with Castleton’s Communications Manager SMS messaging software for Social Housing. Providing a full range of digital communication channels with multiple languages, interact with your customers with ease through ad-hoc, scheduled or automated SMS messaging. 

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Business Essentials

Work smarter with business essential solutions at the heart of your organisation. Designed specifically for the social housing market, our solutions are designed with your niche requirements in mind. Our industry-established CRM, Housing management and Repairs systems provide the complete picture you need on your customers, properties and available resources.


Not all Customer Relationship Management systems are the same. Castleton Housing CRM transforms relationships and is designed specifically for the Social Housing sector, so it speaks your language. Find out how Castleton’s CRM gives the exact flexibility and accuracy needed by Housing Associations to link customers, properties and services.

Housing Management

Castleton’s most advanced, integrated Housing Management solution powered by a single database. With intelligent reporting and a choice of modules to suit your needs, Castleton Housing represents the heart of your organisation.

Housing Repairs

Castleton Maintain can manage the entire lifecycle of your responsive repairs, planned repairs, void or cyclical work requirements across your properties. Your complete Housing Repairs software solution, trusted by some of the biggest National Housing Contractors and Housing Associations with their own DLO's.

Planned Maintenance

Castleton's Planned Maintenance software offers full view project management of your planned and cyclical maintenance programmes. Handle all your resources, assets and expenditure across multiple properties and projects.

Housing Lite

Smaller housing associations can now take advantage of the very best that Castleton has to offer, bundling our market leading housing solution with key modules – affordable yet fully scalable to the future growth of your organisation.

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Operational Efficiency

Optimise output using Castleton’s operational efficiency solutions, managing the day to day running, scheduling and reporting of all your activities.

Data Integration, Analytics & BI

Integrates multiple sources of data for more comprehensive reporting.

Document Management

Streamline document management by digitising the whole process to create a paperless environment. Castleton's EDRM solution drives business transformation through GDPR compliant record management, storage and retrieval.

Data Management

Utilise our software to continually validate the quality of your data, enhancing data integrity to combat against illegal subletting.

Dynamic Scheduling

Castleton’s standalone field service management, task and dynamic resource scheduling software delivers greater efficiencies across your external workforce. Our latest field management tool is designed to enhance and complement our existing Repairs and Maintenance software (Castleton Maintain), as well as integrating with Housing Management, CRM and Agile systems.

Mobile Engineer Tracking

Optimise output using Castleton’s operational efficiency solutions, managing the day to day running, scheduling and reporting of all your activities.

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Finance Management

Accurate cost management means effective finance controls, strategic forecasting and scalability for the future growth of your organisation. The finance management suite from Castleton allows you to do just this with ease and transparency, so your finance department can confidently carry out their day to day activities as well as achieve the longer term strategic goals of the business.

Payment Collection

Castleton Collect is an instant payment collection and management solution that can be embedded into you everyday processes. Collect payment through your back-office systems or embed payment links into your digital communications, encouraging your tenants to make payment.


Using a familiar single ledger format, discover how our system drives effective financial management – with extensive functionality and ease and speed of ledger reconciliation.

Service Charges

Used widely across the social housing sector, our service charges software provides transparent statements and a full billing breakdown to promote fairness and customer confidence in your services.

Purchase to Pay

A complete purchase to pay system for Social Housing providers, allowing you to take control of spend, improve spend visibility and reduce manual processes.


Almost 3 million properties have been modelled using Castleton’s strategic modelling system, our most established financial forecasting solution.

Arrears Management

Bring together your data to gain analytics on payment behaviours and trends

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Cloud & Core Services

Castleton’s cloud and core services deliver an extensive range of technology enablement tools to ensure your entire IT estate is managed effectively.

Cloud & Managed Services

Castleton cloud solutions, designed for resilience and performance, provide you with a flexible and future-proof environment to securely host your business-critical applications.

Disaster Recovery, Back-Up & IT Resilience

Discover our range of back up (BaaS) and disaster recovery services (DRaaS) as well as business safeguarding solutions, designed to ensure your organisation is always protected and switched on.

Infrastructure Solutions

A single technology partner to social housing providers, Castleton delivers on a competitively priced range of hardware solutions, from PCs and servers to a wide range of mobile devices from leading manufacturers. Our portfolio can cater to any size budget.

Unified Communications

Robust, scalable and reliable communications solution to realise your digital strategy.

IT Support Services

Offering seamless and rapid resolution of your IT challenges, Castleton’s support services can be viewed as an extension of your IT department, providing a professional and flexible service.

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