Acquire Data

Connect and consolidate data, easily from multiple sources:

  • Castleton Software Systems Data.
  • Other Data Sources.
  • Files, databases, APIs, etc.
  • On-Board Data in Minutes.
  • Transfer Data in Real-Time or Batch.
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface.

Interpret Data

Data classification, interpretation and transformation:

  • Identify and Classify Data Attributes (Personal, Sensitive).
  • Consolidate Siloed Data Sources.
  • Transform Data into a Meaningful Structure.
  • Utilise Robotic Processing & Workflow.
  • Event Monitoring and Logging (audit).

Action Data

Put Your Data to Work:

  • Embed Analytics into Your Business.
  • Invoke Actions – Create Transactions, Events, Triggers.
  • Analyse, Predict and Trend.
  • Visualise Data Effectively.
  • Share Data Easily and Securely.

Castleton Reporting is a web-based application powered by our partner Glantus

You can have confidence that our products utilise the latest technology to deliver a stable and reliable solution.

Our flexible implementation approach allows you to choose the level of customisation and amount of support you require form our expert consultants. Whether you opt for our standard configuration or choose to tailor to your business, you can be confident of a return on your investment.

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