Our Data Services can be used to identify

  • Residents moving between registered providers.
  • Residents moving between properties of a particular provider.
  • Residents moving from provider to private.

This means:

  • You can make proactive contact to potential leavers to change billing dates and requests for forwarding addresses.
  • Debt can be chased before the move out completes.
  • High turnover properties can be identified for different billing /collection arrangements.
  • Internal customer insight and customer service can be improved.
  • Debtors Analysis and Cash forecasting can be improved.

Data Cleansing

We have over 2,000 name rules, 60 date of birth rules and 350 address match conditions. Data Services will check for misspellings, phonetic misspellings, typo/ keyboard proximity patterns, ethnicity checks.

We use Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and have access to 29m UK postal addresses, 1.8m UK postcodes in 78 UK counties. All our data comes from recognised data from the Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey.

Castleton’s Data Service are provided in conjunction with our partner Sagacity exclusively for the Social Housing Sector.