We all know that Coronavirus is having a significant impact on our personal lives and on businesses. Organisations across our sector are faced with difficult decisions, and it is with a heavy heart that furloughing options or redundancies are taking place, at a time where there is not enough workload to sustain a fully operational workforce. As CEO of Castleton, I am acutely aware that it is my responsibility and that of my senior management team to do everything we can to ensure that the business continues to thrive. To that effect, we have taken significant actions to protect our business, all our staff and of course our customer commitments.

We have taken the decision not to furlough anyone in the organisation, but instead Castleton’s Board of Directors and Senior Management Team has agreed to take a 20% pay cut in the first financial quarter, to contribute personally to the retention of their teams. In addition to this, all our staff have also been asked to take a short-term salary sacrifice of not less than seven days’ unpaid leave over the first half of the year. At Castleton, we are taking an ‘all in this together’ mentality to help us survive these very difficult times and to protect the entire workforce.

The approach we have adopted values and protects all Castleton staff and most importantly, we won’t fail on delivering to customers. By staying true to our company values of respect for all and being a reliable partner to our customers, we will strengthen as a company and overcome our challenges whilst supporting our customers through theirs.

I want to use this statement to express my pride and gratitude towards my management team and everyone at Castleton. This news has been met with a positive attitude by all, which reassures me that we have made the right decision.   By keeping everyone together in the business, we can maintain the same level of service for our customers without increasing workloads and pressure on individuals.

Finally, I’d like to reassure our customers that we are committed to keeping technology moving forward for the sector. Not only by responding to your most immediate needs but by looking ahead to the future needs of this sector and how we continually need to adapt ourselves when we are faced with such challenges.

Kind regards,

Dean Dickinson
CEO, Castleton