Lewisham Homes is an enterprising, not-for-profit organisation, set up to improve housing in the London borough of Lewisham. As well as managing 19,000 homes on behalf of Lewisham Council, they operate their own maintenance company, build new homes and find valuable ways to invest in the local community.

Lewisham Homes is taking full advantage of the popularity of mobile devices and has introduced an innovative communication strategy that improves communication with residents. Using Castleton 2 way text messaging solution, Communications Manager, Lewisham Homes can now contact residents immediately with everything from service updates to balance enquiries and rent reminders.

‘Since the implementation of Castleton’s Communications Manager two-way SMS texting solution, Lewisham Homes has seen an increase in responses from residents where traditional methods had failed. They now get an average of 3000 balance enquiries by text every month -saving residents and the organisation time and money’

Read the Lewisham Homes Case Study – Jan 2020