How ready are you?

We no longer live in a world where we are planning for things that may or may not happen. It has happened and the question is where do we go from here? How do we prepare and protect our organisations?
Cloud technology is becoming more and more prominent, with Gartner’s most recent research estimating a 19% growth in 2020 for cloud services. Cloud transformation projects are becoming mission critical and therefore priority number one for many IT departments across Housing Associations.

You’re preparing for cloud but is your path straight-forward and clear?

This really depends on a Housing Associations own resources, confidence and of course budgets. Quite often these become the determining factors as to whether you choose a public, private or even a hybrid route. Or even whether you decide to do nothing and shelve your cloud projects for next financial year (or the next!).

Our approach (driven by our experiences!)

Castleton operate specifically in the Social Housing sector and have over 100 managed services customers successfully running on some form of Cloud service.

We’ve been through many cloud migrations with our customers, so we know the hidden ‘pitfalls’
that often result in added stress and cost. Castleton build-in staging posts during this transition, so
there are no unwanted surprises along the way.

We believe in simplicity, consistency and one point of contact for all your solution and cloud-based
needs. We have the capability to host your entire solutions infrastructure under the same umbrella.
Providing one point of contact and one point of ownership for all your IT issues.

We ask you what you want and need. We also understand the answer to this isn’t always straightforward
and simple, so we are happy to guide you through your choices and identify and align your organisation
requirements to the right, most cost-effective solution.

We believe in collaboration and connecting our customers with each other. Quite often, sharing
other Housing Association’s experiences help to alleviate the perceived risks around Cloud Technology.
We are here to help connect you with our customers who are successfully on our public, private, hybrid or
multi cloud deployments. Helping to ensure your decisions are assured, not a blind leap of faith.

For a planned approach to cloud migration, let’s start talking about it. We want to know about your current IT environment, your challenges and where you want to get to. Cloud adoption in our view is ‘mission critical’, our customers who have been through the process have been better positioned to handle the unexpected. For many it’s a huge leap, but don’t do it in blind faith – we’re hear to help.

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