How it works

01 – Trigger Payment Link automatically

A simple payment link is issued to automate and facilitate one-off / reoccurring payment plan.

02 – Send Payment Link to Tenant via SMS & Email

Once link created, each tenant can pay via card through the secure payment link sent via SMS & Email. Contact Castleton about our 2-way SMS solution or our Customer Portal solutions to enable this.

03 – Dashboard & Analytics to Monitor and Analyse

Capture key data from multiple sources to deliver performance indicators and trends on progress of payment

04 – Monthly Recurring or Payment Plans

Offer early intervention to maintain payment cycles and install a positive payment culture by removing barriers, making it simple and straightforward for tenants to make payment.

05 – Payment Notifications & Automatic Reminders

If the tenant forgets to pay, you can re-send them automatic gentle reminders to help them complete the payment

06 – Payment App

Provide Housing Associations with a payment solution to educate tenants, where they can set up direct debits instantly or collect payment for maintenance.

Castleton Collect fully integrates to your omni-channel strategy

Castleton Collect offers a simple, frictionless and instant payment collection solution, that removes the barriers and burden typically associated with making once off and recurring payments. It can be fully integrated into Housing Association’s omni-channel strategies.

The payment collection links can be embedded into various resident ‘touch-points’ – be that though traditional back-office systems, Mobile solutions used by field-operatives as well as digital self-service solutions used by the tenants themselves. Whichever way you interact with your tenants, anyone customer-facing within your organisation can be empowered to take a rent payment. Likewise, digitally-savvy tenants who prefer digital means of communication can make payments themselves in their own time and outside of your office hours if preferred.

Payment scenarios
Using Castleton’s back office systems, where payments can be handled by trained call operatives

    1. CRM
    2. Housing
    3. Arrears Forecasting & Reporting

Using Mobile Field management systems, when your field operatives are face-to-face with your residents

    1. Agile

Using Digital self-service solutions, when your tenant prefers to make payments themselves

    1. Castleton.Digital allows tenant to pays via customer portals
    2. Castleton Communications Manager allows tenant pays from an SMS link