Planned Maintenance integrates to a wider suite of Castleton and third party solutions

Your Reporting system as a data source – Castleton Reporting can drive information into Planned Maintenance to ensure it is data-rich throughout project planning. Custom reports and dashboards are easily created.

Your Customer Apps and Web-portalsCastleton.Digital can deliver real-time ‘programme of works’ updates across residents impacted by a given project. In other scenarios such as kitchen refurbishments, you can use your customer portal to drive form completions, with residents being able to specify their choice of kitchen unit styles or colours. Results can be returned directly into your specific workflow in Planned Maintenance.

Your Repairs management system – you can generate work orders directly from Planned Maintenance into Castleton Maintain. In preparation for projects ready to go live, your works management system can then generate contractor PO’s automatically if desired.

Your Mobile working solutionsCastleton Agile. Planned Maintenance can directly issue task management, custom forms, health and safety processes, operating framework compliance and document production – straight onto your field engineers or operatives device.

Your Tenant Communication channels – Castleton’s communication platform Communications Manager can be used to deliver SMS messages, letters, emails or document packs driven directly from Planned Maintenance. Printed communications can be set up with batch printing capabilities and document production set to PDF. Where applicable, all communications can be set up as an automated process.


Your journey to delivery - through workflows

Castleton’s Planned Maintenance software supports full visualisation of your planned projects with GANTT chart style project views across multiple days with configurable time periods to view.

Workflow configurations are easily set up for planned or cyclical programmes and can include the option to design conditional workflows using any milestone, task or configured event. Once created, your workflows can also trigger tasks using a wizard-based approach. For example, work-orders can automatically be sent to your Repairs or Works Management solution and subcontractor PO’s can be automatically generated.

Workflow features:

• Standalone workflow configuration
• Re-usable across multiple projects
• Drag-and-drop “Visio” style designer
• Custom statuses – controlled by user
• Multiple actions for each stage
• Case statement decisions
• Add multiple form requirements for each stage
• Add lead times
• Configure SOR codes to be completed
• Automated options for workflow progression